Sunday, 19 May 2013


HELLLO LADIES!! I wanted to base this post around saying how upset I am I haven't been able to blog since Easter, as you all must know it's exam season and as much as I'd like to blog for the rest of my life and earn millions for it the reality is quite different! Therefore I've been slaving away on all of my AS subjects hoping I will get my sorry arse to university at the end of it!
I haven't at all had time to do outfits of the day and since I'm pretty broke at the minute skincare reviews aren't likely either (AS MUCH AS I WOULD LIKE THEM TO BE)!
So I thought I'd share with you a bit of my photography college work instead.. I finished my eight hour photography exam just this past week and I based my project around my Nana, I know I've blogged about her a hundred times before but the she really is single handedly the most important woman in my life. I started looking at obscurity and opacity, following our project title of 'Covert and Obscured' but then quickly moved on to re-creating famous portraits . my final images were Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe and The Girl With The Pearl Earring.. Here they are, Hope you like!!

HOWEVER I'm so excited for my last exam to be over next Friday (24th) as I have such a lovely summer to look forward to, expect an overload of outfits of the day and as many reviews as I can cram my small brain with- NOT TO MENTION PICTURES OF BEYONCE AT VFEST! Who's excited? I AM!!!

Sorry for the baffles I just can't help myself- Hope you're all!
All my love always! xoxo